Following the current state of data enthusiasm, a data strategy is a failing strategy

Don’t know what to say about this deck.

Perhaps this is the best strategy to tell how bullshit this whole data hype is.

Assimilating data to information is smartly making a point.

But not sure it was intended.

A few years ago, I worked with the BCG for a French IT Company. We learned that 2 out of 3 IT projects failed. Averagely. Because IT guys were aiming at the moon. Because they were selling such ambitious solution it was outdated when operable, a few years later.

This is where peeps started to talk agile, lean and scrum. To bypass this whole production vortex.

Today big data in advertising is facing a production vortex. If not agile, it will fail.

Ok we got you. You’re good with stunts. But what about real problems?


A smart deck on the illusions of our industry from Kristina Halvorson.

Beside all stunts and tactics, true questions remain unanswered. There’s work for thousands of people for thousands of years.

Stop wanking on real time marketing and programmatic buying.

Come solve real problems: make your CRM work, allow your website to ask for test drives simply, help people use your products rather than pushing them dumb contents.

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