Plz stop predicating advertising future, you’re drunk

avenir futur pessimisme

Typical example of a blank, empty interview.

What’s the point of delivering an opinion regarding the future of advertising by gathering all the micro clichés we don’t give a fuck about?

So you really think Google, Vice and Funny or Die will kill ad land? Come on. For the past century, there always have been tons of actors gravitating around advertising agencies without killing them. Media warehouse selling creative ideas have always been around. I can’t tell you about that, I’m currently working for an ad agency which uses to be a press agency…

I also strongly disagree with this bad predicament:

When Rei Inamoto, AKQA’s Chief Creative Officer, was recently asked what the advertising industry would look like in five years time, he answered, “There will be less of it”.

Do you really think a guy working on a digital agency will give you a vision of the future where what he fights against is still as powerful as it is today? No, of course. Don’t ask the fisher monger what you’ll have for dinner.

But yes, there’re some changes. Yes there’re creative directors outside of adland, Accenture bought of a digital agency, yes young peeps no longer want to work in advertising (reading this kind of article, is it really surprising?).

But isn’t the greatest proof of advertising success? Look ahead and open your eyes. Every fucking company are now trying to catch a piece of the advertising business. Banners are the single most popular start-up business model. The coolest companies in the world such as Google or Facebook are advertising-based.

Is it really frightening?

For old sods managing advertising agency yes.

For people eager to create and spread ideas, this is totally exciting.